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Ray Howarth Management Services Oldham knows that quality assurance, health & safety and environmental protection are of paramount importance for the modern business. Your performance in these areas reflect on your credibility and can be the difference between getting or not getting an order or contract.
The benefit to yourselves when using Ray Howarth Management Services are as follows:-

  • You get the benefit of years of experience in these important disciplines.
  • We will attend and manage your site assessments with the accreditation bodies assessors.
  • The methods used are tried and tested.
  • We have experience of many assessments and know what is expected.
  • We usually have worked with the assessors on other projects.
  • You do not have the expense of employing extra staff.
  • We setup and maintain appropriate systems for you ( e.g. ISO 9001).
  • We will facilitate internal audits to ascertain the systems effectiveness and then correct any non conformance.
  • The costs involved are very reasonable.
When utilizing you own staff you face the following problems:-
  • Your staff will have to undergo expensive quality assurance, health & safety and environmental protection training courses.
  • The work your staff is employed to do will suffer from their absence.
  • Even after training your staff will lack experience.
  • Expensive mistakes can occur through inexperience.
  • Your deliveries will suffer as a result of your staffs involvement with these issues
By using Ray Howarth Management Services you will speedily comply with all the standards demanded of a modern business.

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